Malaika Chambers

We aim to set new standards based on
specialisation and effective delivery of services

Legal Advice and Opinion on the Laws of Sierra Leone relating to Business Investments, Petroleum Exploration, Oil and Gas, Taxation, Banking, Mining, shipping and Maritime matters read more
Criminal Defence at International and Internationalized Criminal Tribunals, including the Special Court for Sierra Leone and the International Criminal Court. read more
Nicol-Wilson and Co litigates Civil Claims and Disputes in all domestic Courts in Sierra Leone including the Fast Track Commercial Court.

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Research, Advice and Opinion on Legal, Judicial and Human Rights issues and institutions in Sierra Leone including the Office of the Ombudsman, the Anti-Corruption Commission, the Human Rights Commission, the Formal and informal Courts, the Police, the Prisons and Civil Society... read more

Nicol-Wilson and Co was established as a specialised Legal Consultancy and Legal Practice Firm. The Specialized work of the firm is in line with the experience and Academic qualifications of its members. Our commitment is to serve with excellence and professionalism.

The aim of the firm is to set new standards based on specialisation and effective delivery of services thus meeting the needs of its numerous clients and ensuring satisfaction.

Nicol-Wilson and Co does not engage in general Legal Practice. We operate on a narrow and specialised area of the Law dealing with Corporate and Commercial Legal Practice, publicly funded, private and contractual work in Sierra Leone and abroad, Solicitors Work, International and Domestic Criminal Defence, Civil Liberties and Human Rights.

Nicol-Wilson and Co prepare all forms of Legal Documents including Conveyances, Tenancy agreements, Lease Agreements, Wills and documents for the setting up of Companies, Partnerships and other Business Entities.

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